Caldera Pet Therapy


FC Jett To The Moon is an American Kennel Club field champion. He took 3rd place in the German Shorthair Pointer Club of America National Futurity at the age of 15 months.

"Once my Vet Physical Therapist told me I have to ice my dog’s front two shoulders for 15 minutes three times a day I was at a loss. How was I gonna do that? Then she showed me the Caldera Shoulder Pet Therapy wrap! Bingo, problem solved. I can ice my dogs shoulders without fighting or using force to hold him down. It just makes it so much easier. The materials are so durable and machine washable. It only takes seconds to install the cold gel packs and strap it on. I think it is a pretty important tool in rehabbing my field dog. I don’t think we could have been so successful without it."

- Clint Matthews, Owner of FC Jett To The Moon