Caldera Pet Therapy

Caldera Pet Therapy Overview

The new patent Pending Pet Therapy Wrap System is an industry breakthrough developed by Caldera International, a leader in human hot and cold therapy products since 1999. Drawing on advanced reusable gel packs, high quality quick release buckles combined with nylon straps, the system is a practical, easy-to-use delivery method for veterinarians, animal technicians, and pet owners when using hot and cold therapy on dogs.

The Caldera Pet Therapy Wrap System solves the challenges of hot and cold therapy application across a range of canine physiology while providing for mobility. The innovative custom sized gel packs furnish soothing temperature relief to targeted areas and help minimize swelling, inflammation, and pain.  Also, Caldera Pet Therapy Wraps contribute to decreased post-op recovery time, faster soft tissue renewal, improved joint rehabilitation, and ultimately a happier, healthier pet.


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